Wool - What's the big deal?

What makes our yarn and wool so special you ask? Oh you didn't?
Well let us tell you anyway because we're kind of wool obsessed.


We Are Farmers - We Grew This

We can show you where your wool came from, we are your rural neighbours. 
It takes over a year of cold mornings, long nights, heavy lifting, sweat, laughing, even some crying to get from ‘sheep to skein’. We live with our sheep, they have names, and we love them.


A 'Fibre First' Farm

Wool is our primary focus, not the byproduct of our sheep operation. Our flock was selected from a pedigree of national wool champions and producing great wool with happy/healthy animals is what we are about.


Ontario Merino

Yes, Canadian Merino is a thing! Rambouillet or ‘French Merino’ is a centuries old cool weather suited merino breed, and it does well in Canada. We consider ourselves stewards of this breed and are very proud to bring it to Ontario in a focused way.


Worsted Instead Of Woolen

Most farm-direct yarn in Ontario is Woolen spun. Our yarns are some of the only commercially combed farm-direct fibres grown in Ontario. Combing is a lot of extra work, expensive, time consuming, it also removes some fibre yield. However, this process allows us to produce a truly top worsted yarn. Worsted has some more definition, a cleaner appearance, a softer feel, and durability.  


Trust In A Fair Price

We know you have a lot of options when buying fine yarn and that this purchase is special. Our mantra has always been to provide true value in all the things we make. Our pricing is based on quality/value, not emotion. We aim to offer a quality product from start to finish that you will feel good about selecting. 


Pure - No Blends, Hybrids, or Expiriments

Our wool and flock are 100% pure, we don’t have hybrid fibre experiments or crossbreeds. With Rambouillet, we don’t need to cover roughness or blend in other fibres to soften our yarns. Our yarn is all wool, no other stuff blended in by default. 


Super-Gentle Not ‘Super-wash'

In addition to being locally grown, our merino variation is free from harsh chemical and industrial processes introduced in things like superwash merino.